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Would you love to become a mum more than anything else in the world?

Do you believe that having children would be one of the most rewarding and sacred experiences in your life?

If so, you're in the right company. I'm Erika, passionate naturopath, nutritionist & advocate of holistic conscious living, real food nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices all designed to enhance your fertility and nourish your new life! 


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Love yourself enough and nourish your mind, body & soul with real food and positive thoughts


My partner and I’ve been trying to conceive for approximately 2 years. After meeting Erika and seeing how passionate she is about health I changed my way of eating and also my lifestyle.
Seeing Erika on a regular basis really helped to keep me focused on preparing my body and becoming my healthiest in order to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. After approximately 8 months I successfully conceived and I’m having a healthy pregnancy, expecting my first baby to arrive in 4 weeks. I truly believe that seeing Erika and changing my diet and lifestyle lead to me successfully conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy. I recommend Erika for anyone who is having problems conceiving and wants to be in the best health before pregnancy.
Erika is passionate, full of knowledge, inspires you to feel hopeful and empowers you to be your best, for you and your future baby.
Amy, 37 yrs, Sydney, Australia

My life has changed a lot since my first appointment with Erika. Now I know how my body works and how I should treat myself, not only with a good diet (I discovered I love to cook), but also how I deal with everyday stress. And today I’m a proud mum of a healthy girl.
Natalia, Sydney, Australia

About me

Hey I'm Erika, passionate Naturopath, Holistic Nutritionist and Fertility Coach. My approach to health is simple; eat real food, get plenty of sleep, move often, have fun, love yourself, be grateful and surround yourself with supportive, uplifting people. Nothing makes me happier than helping women to feel empowered, living life on their terms and creating happy and healthy families.

I believe that you too can have healthy, fun and energetic life & achieve your wildest dreams. So dream big!

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