Do you struggle to stay optimistic that you will have a baby of your dreams?
I did for a very long time...

I think you are going to love today's topic. Have you ever heard of holistic kinesiology? 

I'd like to introduce you to holistic kinesiologist Stacey Bout.

Stacey is one of the practitioners that helped me on my own fertility journey. I had some amazing insights and experienced profound healing after our sessions together. 

So what is holistic kinesiology?

In the following video interview Stacey shares:

+ Her interesting story of how she discovered kinesiology..
+ What kinesiology is..
+ What types of concerns she helps people with..
+ How kinesiology may help couples on their fertility journey..
+ 3 brilliant, easy to implement tips on how to stay positive on your fertility journey..

+ Plus I share my own personal experience..

Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy...

Erika xx